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The Methodology

At AA Gold, creation and design bases on Zero Waste principles. We enjoy designing beautiful garments and fashionable clothes and feel responsible to develop along with our fashion, a production system that does not harm the environment.

Zero Waste Patterns_
In order to prevent fabric waste and fabric cut-offs it’s neccessary to interlock all needed pattern pieces like a puzzle.
In our collections we explore the aesthetics of this method and align the process of design- and product- development with principles of the Zero Waste ideology.

Zero Waste Ressources_
Using appropriate Materials is key for our design methods. All the materials used in the collections are either sustainable materials or sourced from already existing stocks.
We are working towards a circular system, in which we design for circularity, use recycled materials and re-integrate it after it’s use. 

Zero Waste Techniques_
Aplying Zero Waste principle to the design proces also means to explore different techniques of Zero Waste design. This includes Knitting, exploring the potential of certain weaving techniques as well as re-purposing existing textiles and garments.