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Collectionupdate 2|2020

Inspired by traditional japanese dress, we explore the aesthetics of loose shapes, the natural movement of fabric around the body and unisex dresscodes. SOLID is the title of AA Golds first collectionupdate and reflects life in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our world became big ans small, fast and slow, dense and light all at the same time.  Black and White describe the big contrasts and different shades of green the subtle tonality of our emotional atmosphere. 
For us SOLID is an expansion of our first collection MAXI OVER. Instead of replacing the ideas and designs each season we want to develop an AA GOLD wardrobe like a caleidoscope.
The appearance changes, moves evolves - like breathing and living.


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We teamed up with textile designer Stephanie Kahnau to develop the SOLID print. Thinking about how to illustrate our emotions about life in lockdown, Stephanie was inspired by plissée. By manipulating the surface, the plain material becomes dense and multilayered. She went further and twisted and tweaked  a digital image of pleated fabric and combined multiple motifs to generate a glimpse into an unknown universe.

Eden 2.0


blue Canvas, 100% organic cotton
Zip in centerfront
Two Flap Pockets in the Front
Zip Pocket in the Back
Elastic Cuffs and draw-string Hem

one size 
Ferdi is 178cm 

Production on request

Kimono Jacket



Black , 100% organic wool
Knitted Shawl-Collar
Two  Pockets in the Front

loose fit

one size
Lilli is 167cm
Ferdi is 178cm

Production on request